Rare Plant Register Now Available

After a considerable gestation period the Rare Plants Register for Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles is now available from the Rare Plants Registers page of the BSBI website or directly through the link to the right of this blog .  It is a working document and I intend to produce a revised and improved version in a year or two.  I would be grateful for any errors to be pointed out and any other comments are welcome.  I am currently thinking of running a field meeting in 2014 specifically aimed at updating it.

Distribution maps of all taxa in the RPR are available via my website.  If you want to go looking for old records to improve the RPR then the maps plus the RPR itself plus images from Carl Farmer’s West Highland Flora or elsewhere may be helpful. It might also be a good idea to talk to me first as I have more details in many cases and I might be able to avoid duplication of effort – it doesn’t need too many people looking for Orobanche alba (Thyme Broomrape) in Sleat.


2 Responses to “Rare Plant Register Now Available”

  1. Jill Jesson Says:

    I am unable to find the link in either place suggested. Please help

  2. Stephen Says:

    Both work for me but if you are still having problems I can e-mail you a copy… try http://www.bsbi.org.uk/rare_plants.html and look for VC104……

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