Today I had a try for the Cystopteris diaphana (Diaphanous or Greenish Bladder-fern). No luck. I shall see if I can obtain any further info about where it was found.  However, tetrad NG33N now has 77 species recorded from it rather than 1, and I made a few additions to NG33P.

It is always possible to find something in flower:

Bell Heather

Bell Heather

The moles were very busy:

Mole City

Mole City

though some have opted for the penthouse with sea view:

Mole penthouse suite

Mole penthouse suite

The view across the sea was good, with snow on the distant Cuillins

Cnoc Mhairtein

Cnoc Mhairtein

In terms of locally unusual records I found Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) in the cemetery, Ligustrum ovalifolium (Garden Privet) and Cotoneaster horizontalis (Wall Cotoneaster), though obviously none of these is native.

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