The Utricularia intermedia agg. near Loch Cùil na Creige was determined by Sarah Longrigg as U. stygia (Nordic Bladderwort) – as all specimens I have taken so far have been. During the NCC Freshwater Lochs Survey in 1989, twelve records were made on Skye for U. ochroleuca (Pale Bladderwort), all determined by P. Taylor. John Day, BSBI Utricularia referee, says: “I think all the P. Taylor records for U. ochroleuca were incorrectly named & we put them down to U. intermedia agg. in the database. Although Taylor’s world monograph on the genus was published  in 1989, work by Thor in Scandinavia resulted in an update of the U. intermedia aggregate with his final resolution appearing with the description of U. stygia in 1988. I know Taylor was generally using U. ochroleuca for much of the Scottish material before Thor’s publication and he subsequently accepted Thor’s work. I think Taylor was still using old names in 1989.”

However, there are quite a lot of fairly recent records for U. ochroleuca (as well as U. stygia) in the rest of NW Scotland.

The poplar from Kibride has been determined as P. balsamifera x trichocarpa (Hybrid Balsam Poplar) by Matt Parrat and Richard Jinks.

I put my moth trap out rather late on Sunday night and then forgot it until Monday afternoon.  This may explain why there were only two moths in it by the time I checked it out:

Red-line Quaker

Small Wainscot

though missing this species’ usual dark longitudinal lines.

There was also a Silver Y, quite a large day-flying moth, in the garden a few days ago. As usual all moth i.d.s are by Brian Neath.

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2 Responses to “Catch-up”

  1. Steve Says:

    I’ve borrowed the new SLEF moth trap and am posting the resulting pictures on my website. I’ll give it another go over the weekend.

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