I recently became aware of two 1990 records on Raasay of Hymenophyllum tunbrigense (Tunbridge Filmy-fern) from Ben Averis. Each was near a site known to me, but some way from it.  One was near Eyre and today I went to try and find it.  However, a six-figure grid reference wasn’t enough on this occasion. I may try again.  I did add six new 1 km square records to the area including one for Carex remota (Remote Sedge) and two for Fraxinus excelsior (Ash) as I found quite a few saplings; this is an area of Raasay where ash has not been recorded before.

It is the turn of time of year for fungal fruiting bodies and there were lots of Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric), mostly well eaten – Slugs on drugs?

Fly Agaric

and a fine specimen of Piptoporus betulinus (Birch Polypore) – thanks to Dave Genney for the i.d.

Biirch Polypore

The NBN Gateway has no records for Fly Agaric on Raasay, indeed only one for the whole vice-county, but it is not uncommon in  native woodland on Raasay  – I have known it for decades. Maybe I had better head a little north and record it in NG54 as well as NG53….

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