More moths

The moth trap caught well over 50 moths the night before last and a wasp, another burying beetle, a few craneflies and too many midges.  Species included Rosy Rustic, Black Rustic, Square-spot Rustic, Large Yellow Underwing, Crescent, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Pink-barred Sallow, Lunar Underwing. Brian Neath who kindly identified them, says “This is the first record of Lunar Underwing on Skye since 1996 (!) and there are only 2 post-2000 records of Pink-barred Sallow, both from Holoman House, Raasay.”

Pink-barred Sallow

Lunar Underwing


5 Responses to “More moths”

  1. Steve Terry Says:

    SLEF recently (24-25 August) hosted a visit by Dr Tom Prescott of Butterfly Conservation Scotland to offer advice on butterfly and moth survey techniques and an introduction to identification. The Pink-Barred Sallow was one of the 34 species identified whilst I was present.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Well I hope he sends the records to Brian, the VC moth recorder!

  3. Steve Terry Says:

    I was assured today (by Judith Bullivant) that a list would be sent to Brian in due course.

  4. Steve Terry Says:

    It will also appear on the SLEF website.

  5. Stephen Says:


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