Plant Medley

Gwyn Jones reports a good show of Glebionis segetum (Corn Marigold) at Stenscholl on Skye. We don’t often see Glebionis around here these days except as a casual – though there is a fine population on Muck.

When I was in Dunvegan recently I found a large patch of Calystegia silvatica (Large Bindweed). Whilst C. sepium (Hedge Bindweed) is frequent enough and C. pulchra (Hairy Bindweed) has its strongholds, C. silvatica had no post-1999 records in the vice-county and  only three records localised to better than a 10km square ever. One of the 10km square records was for the square that includes Dunvegan.

Steve Terry is saving up records to submit in a large batch at the end of the season but he has just reported Alliaria petiolata (Garlic Mustard) from Lower Breakish. There is some around the Corry Lodge area of Broadford and a few old records from the Dunvegan and Uig areas, but that is it for the vice-county – except for some growing in a garden on Raasay which it has never seemed appropriate to record formally.


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