Whorled Caraway

Carum verticillatum (Whorled Caraway) has been known at Sligachan since at least 1984. Yesterday I went to have another look at it and found that the colony is more extensive than I had realised following a burn for nearly 500m and crossing two roads into areas where I had not noticed it before.

Carum verticillatum Flowers

Carum verticillatum Leaves

At the beginning of July Gwyn Jones contacted me to say that he had also seen it at Carbostmore about a decade ago. Yesterday I went to see and following Gwyn’s directions, I found it with no problem whatsoever. It was at its most numerous in a field that is quite heavily grazed by sheep but they cannot like the taste as it has been left uneaten.

As Gwyn remarks Carum verticillatum is now properly established as a Skye plant , not just a one-site wonder.


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