In Pursuit of The Quarry

I forgot to say that The Quarry also has Gunnnera (I need to check which), Veronica (Hebe) franciscana (Hedge Veronica) and Erinus alpinus (Fairy Foxglove) all of which have a few records on Skye.

Discussions with Mike Wilcox have resulted in:

  • Agreement about Tellima grandiflora (Fringecups)
  • Identification of the thorny thing as Rubus cockburnianus (White-stemmed Bramble). (I had thought it was probably a Rubus.) This is the first record for VC104.
  • Agreement that Tree 2 is Salix caprea (Goat Willow)
  • Probable agreement about Salix caprea var.sphacelata – subject to a further look-see.  Later: Duncan Donald who is familiar with this variety on the mainland confirms this i.d.
  • Herb 2 is probably Gaultheria mucronata (Prickly Heath) but the leaf tips do not appear to be mucronate, unlike the plants here on Raasay. Still, it looks like a pretty good fit.

The Euphorbia is probably not the species I first thought of, but I shall have to be patient as the Euphorbia referee has just gone on holiday.

“Tree 1” remains unidentified – possibly a Lavatera?

Also, Mike says about Alnus cordata in Lancashire/Yorkshirethis tree self-seeds everywhere. We have had hundreds of plants self-seeded and in one quarry it is quite a dominant plant (and being a quarry there were no trees in it to begin with) and yours are obviously this taxon. When I lived in Ormskirk I used to find it self-seeded in pavements near the station and elsewhere and of course in places like Cambs it is also a common self-seeder.”


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