Michael Usher has been for a brief visit to Canna and armed with my list of plants not seen since before the year 2000 has knocked off 18 or 19 of them:

Allium ursinum Hypericum androsaemum
Aphanes australis Hypericum perforatum
Atriplex prostrata Myriophyllum alterniflorum*
Cakile maritima Rosa canina agg.
Carex pendula Rosa mollis agg.
Carex sylvatica Scrophularia nodosa
Deschampsia cespitosa Sonchus oleraceus
Euphrasia arctica ssp. borealis Stachys sylvatica
Euphrasia scottica Utricularia intermedia sens. lat.
Veronica persica

* to be confirmed.

Of these, I am particularly pleased with the Cakile maritima (Sea Rocket) which was last recorded on Canna in 1953.

It looks as though the Apium inundatum (Lesser Marshwort) has really gone from An t-Oban as it fills in with reeds, which is a shame as that was the only confirmed site in the vice-county.  I couldn’t find any in 2009 and Michael has not found any this year.


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