Waternish Point

Monday saw me on a long trek around the northern part of Waternish including Waternish Point.  I passed through five tetrads that had no previous records – though there were some records for the area given only at the 10km square level.

Coast near Waternish Point

Obviously at this pace it was not possible to undertake comprehensive surveys of so many tetrads, but I gained nearly 600 records on the day with numbers in the tetrads with no previous records ranging from 85 to 136.  In addition I have a view of which parts merit a return visit – especially the sea cliffs where I can get at them from below.

There were several plants that are always a pleasure to find such as Anagallis tenella (Bog Pimpernel), Botrychium lunaria (Moonwort), Cerastium diffusum (Sea Mouse-ear),  Koeleria macrantha (Crested Hair-grass), Ligusticum scoticum (Scots Lovage), Saxifraga hypnoides (Mossy Saxifrage) and Trollius europaeus (Globeflower).

Amongst commoner plants, these were looking good:

Trifolium medium (Zigzag Clover)

Sedum rosea (Roseroot)

and I recorded Meadowsweet Rust Gall which is quite common but needs to be recorded more frequently.

Meadowsweet Rust Gall

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