Mull is not in my patch but I went there last week to help Lynne as she nears her final tetrad to record – still about 15 to do as I left.  Highlights included a dead pine marten – they have not been on Mull long and this one was in a new area some distance from known records.  Also a live slow-worm:


We spotted two lizards, many butterflies and moths including a lot of Clouded Buffs (Diacrisia sannio) which I haven’t seen on Skye or Raasay.

Clouded Buff

On the plant side (the main purpose of the exercise) we found what is only the second site for Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus) and there was an invasion of American Skunk Cabbage (Lysochiton americanus) near Craignure:

American Skunk Cabbage

Other goodies included Carline Thistle (Carlina vulgaris), Globeflower (Trollius europeaus), Northern Rock-cress (Arabidopsis petraea) Bird’s-nest Orchid (Neottia nidus-avis) and a new site for Wood Bitter-vetch (Vicia orobus):

Wood Bitter-vetch

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