Ben Suardal

Joanna & Julian are on Skye again for a week and on Wednesday we went to Ben Suardal with Steve Terry to inspect the Potentilla crantzii (Alpine Cinquefoil) and Carex rupestris (Rock Sedge). They were both flourishing in their original location:

Potentilla crantzii

Carex rupestris

Most of the cinquefoil flowers had five petals, but a minority had six.  We also checked two sites of P. crantzii recorded by Ben Averis in 1999 some way from Ben Suardal – and found them both, thanks to Steve for the last one which was only a small colony.

On the top of Ben Suardal, Joanna spotted Arabis hirsuta(Hairy Rock-cress) which was known from this hill but not recorded since 1986.

Arabis hirsuta

The limestone grikes were full of woodland plants and we visited one of the Paris quadrifolia (Herb Paris) sites. There was plenty of Persicaria vivipara (Alpine Bistort) in flower and Thalictrum alpina (Alpine Meadow-rue) on Ben Suardal.  We saw a fine hare of an unusually pale colouration but I am fairly sure it was a Brown Hare rather than a Mountain Hare.

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