An Absence of Tussocks

Steve Terry and I went to check a 1989 site for Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge) on the hill at the back of Breakish.  Sadly we didn’t find it – though we found likely habitat at the grid reference given.  It is interesting that this plant is quite plentiful on Muck at the southern end of the vice-county and there is a good patch on the southern edge of Eigg, the next island to the north, but there is none on Rum or Canna and on Skye I know only two extant sites, each with rather few plants and each new when I found it.  I have now checked the three older sites where there is a decent grid reference or location and not found it.  Perhaps it is not long-lived on Skye. There remain three other old records, two of which just give a 10km square but the third is for Glen Eynort which is a bit more specific.  Perhaps I will try for that some time though this record is from 1958 so if my hypothesis is right, it has probably gone…..

Anyway, Steve and I had a pleasant walk with the skylarks singing and the moorland plants coming out of their winter rest. The knee stood up to the test which is good news.


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