The BSBI Distributional Database

I now have all the records for VC104 in the DDB downloaded into my local database.  This means that there is some duplication but I have access to all the records that BSBI has currently computerised and uploaded so that when I produce a map like this


it is as up-to-date as possible.  It has six more red dots (pre-2000 tetrad records) than the one I would have produced last week.  Overall, I have gained 1697 additional tetrad dots. I have now put my total database through the NBN Record Cleaner and found quite a few records that are in the sea or in neighbouring vice-counties but assigned to VC104.  All very pleasing – the capability not the result!


4 Responses to “The BSBI Distributional Database”

  1. terry swainbank Says:

    Is it possible to have maps for the 2 platanthera species?

    Impressed by the amount of work you have put into this

  2. terry swainbank Says:

    Can you easily extract data about all species in a particular square. If so I would really like to compare that data with my own records for those squares covering my croft .

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