Kilmaluag Area

The northern tip of the Trotternish Peninsula has quite a few plants that are not found very much elsewhere on Skye such as Carex diandra (Lessser Tussock-sedge) and Lemna minor (Common Duckweed). For both of these I found new sites. Neottia ovata (Twayblade) was new to the 10km square NG47.

There was Carex extensa (Long-bracted Sedge) on the shore,

Carex extensa

and Asplenium marinum (Sea Spleenwort) in the rocks:

Asplenium marinum

Some of the Sedum rosea (Roseroot) had an unusual leaf shape:

Sedum rosea

On the cliff top there was Populus tremula (Aspen) and Juiperus communis susp. nana (Dwarf Juniper):

Cliff-top Aspen and Juniper

and along the burn and by the shore was”Mimulus x caledonicus” (Mimulus guttatus × nummularius × variegatus):

Monkeyflower triple hybrid

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