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SWT Walk and BSBI Field Meeting

March 31, 2011

I am running a walk on Raasay for the Skye Members Centre of the Scottish Wildlife Trust on Thursday 30th June. We will start at Eyre and hope to see locally uncommon species such as Ceratocapnos claviculata (Climbing Corydalis) and Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. coccinea , the reddish subspecies of Early Marsh-orchid.

On July 9-11th I am running a BSBI Field Meeting based in Dunvegan to assist with tetrad mapping  and to try and localise many interesting older records just given as “Dunvegan Head” – a large area.

All welcome on both but please let me know if you are coming.  More details will be provided nearer the time to those attending .

Rock Doves

March 31, 2011

Rock doves commonly nest in the coastal caves around Raasay and Skye but about ten days ago there was a pair in our garden eating stale biscuits we had put out.  Now they are in the village dining at bird-feeders.  Don’t they know that the route to feral pigeons has been followed before?

Early Grey

March 21, 2011

Not tea, but a moth:

Early Grey

on the outside of our kitchen window all day today. I expect it will fly tonight.  Thanks to Brian Neath for the i.d. He says that there are no records in the database for Skye/Raasay since 1978!   Being an early-flying species it is poorly recorded on Skye/Raasay with no residents carrying out moth trapping.  Visiting moth enthusiasts tend to visit during spring and summer. His earliest record for Early Grey in Lochalsh was on 18th March 2009 so this is a good early date.

A New Fern

March 20, 2011

Mike Wilcox has brought my attention to a German paper concerning Dryopteris lacunosa, a new member of the  D. affinis aggregate.  There are a number of records from the British Isles, including one from Dunvegan on Skye.  I await the comments of the fern experts as to whether British pteridology will accept this species……  The paper is available for free download at