Dunvegan Castle

Some old records in the castle grounds needed re-finding.  Prenanthes purpurea (Purple Lettuce) was recorded near the walled garden some years ago.

Prenanthes purpurea

Why this species but not many others in similar circumstances has been recorded, I don’t know, but it is difficult to know what to record in such circumstances.  The Carex pendula (Pendulous Sedge) next to the Prenanthes has not been officially recorded before:

Prenanthes and Carex pendula

Both species grow inside the walled garden and the sedge also grows in various places around the grounds.

The Gun Court is the only known site on Skye for Centranthus ruber (Red Valerian) and Parietaria judaica (Pellitory-of-the-Wall) and both were still present.  However, plans for the removal of the highly invasive Cotoneaster integrifolius (Entire-leaved Cotoneaster) may threaten both these plants.

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