Loch Connan

Continuing my survey of the 10 km square NG34 which has been a bit under-recorded, today I visited Loch Connan and the surrounding area (tetrad NG34W).  The loch has been recorded previously and has interesting species.  I failed to re-find Potamogeton berchtoldii (Small Pondweed) but added Utricularia intermedia agg. – probably U. stygia (Nordic Bladderwort) again.  

I was also pleased to re-find Subularia aquatica (Awlwort):  

Subularia in Loch Connan


 The adjacent tetrad (NG34R) was generally a bit dull, but there were no previous records from it so things like Potamogeton gramineus (Various-leaved Pondweed) in  a slow part of a burn are worth having recorded.

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