Osmigarry is a little to the southwest of Rubha Hunish and so after the SWT walk (see below), I was able to spend a while looking at this area.  This tetrad (of which getting on for 90% is sea) only had two records: Berula erecta (Lesser Water-parsnip) and Lemna minor (Duckweed), both rare on Skye. 

I found the Lesser Water-parsnip and noted that it also extended into the next tetrad to the east which is part of a different 10km square and one in which this species had never been recorded. This makes it known in four adjacent 10km squares on Skye. The duckweed was in the same stream.

I also found lots of Carex diandra (Lesser Tussock-sedge) adding a fifth 10km square for Skye for this plant.

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