Rum – at last

I have now dealt with my Rum records from 25th May.  I  was recording in tetrads as usual and visited three, all around Kinloch.  I added 42 new tetrad records of which eight were new 10km square records.  Overall it looks as though the recording for the Flora of Rum was perhaps a little thin in tetrad 30V to the northwest of Kinloch as I recorded the fewest number of species in total out of the three visited tetrads (88 cf 125 and 168) yet over half (23) of the new tetrad records were from here.

Among the more pleasing records were Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern, new to NG30V):

Osmunda regalis on Rum

 and Stellaria graminea (Lesser Stitchwort) about 30 metres inside the 10km square NM39.  A previous record for this plant in this square had been thought to be a reassignment by convention at the time from NM49 (Kinloch).

I also recorded the large red damselfly as this was one of  HBRG‘s  species of the month during May.

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