Major Update to Flora – New Taxonomy

I have performed a major update to my Flora of Raasay and Rona to take account of the taxonomy based on APG III as used in Clive Stace’s 3rd edition of the New Flora of the British Isles.

Quite a few  families have been changed – split or combined, renamed or moved.  This is reflected in the page showing plants in taxonomic order.  Here and in the main text, new genus and species names replace the old.  The page of common names has had links updated accordingly and various comments on nomenclature have been adjusted.

Of the changes that are relevant to Skye and Raasay plants, some are reversions to previous combinations e.g. Asplenium scolopendrium (Phyllites scolopendrium), Centunculus minimus (Anagallis minima), Stranvaesia davidiana (Photinia davidiana), Carex lepidocarpa (C. viridula ssp. brachyrrhynca) and C. demissa (C. viridula ssp. oedocarpa), Avenula pubescens (Helictotrichon pubescens).  To my mind, these should be easy enough to remember as should things like Hebe becoming Veronica, Ranunculus ficaria becoming Ficaria verna and Lycopersicon esculentum becoming Solanum lycopersicum.

However, things like Leontodon becoming Scorzoneroides, Potentillla palustris becoming Comarum palustre and Festuca gigantea becoming Schedonorus giganteum may take a little longer to stick – especially as recording cards and MapMate software are unlikely to be changed immediately.

 Please let me know if I have got anything wrong – including links within the Flora as I have had to change quite a lot.

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