The Kyleakin Hills

Thursday, where do I start?  The first objective was to re-find earlier records of Arctostaphylos alpinus (Alpine Bearberry), Loiseleuria procumbens (Trailing Azalea) and Sibbaldia procumbens (Sibbaldia or Least Cinquefoil).

In all of these I was successful.  I had seen the Loiseleuria at this site in 1998 but it was good to see it still there. The Arctostaphylos was at the only known site in the vice-county, first recorded in 1772 by John Lightfoot but not recorded again until 1990 by my illustrious predecessor as VCR, Mrs C. W. Murray. 

Arctostaphylos alpinus on Ben Bhuide, Skye

Arctostaphylos alpinus on Ben Bhuide, Skye

The Sibbaldia was also at a site found by Catriona Murray and was flourishing:

Sibbaldia in the Kyleakin Hills

Sibbaldia in the Kyleakin Hills

I have never seen Sibbaldia in flower on Skye.

Some other  pleasures included Hieracium holosericeum (A mountain hawkweed) in large numbers:

Hieracium holosericium in the Kyleakin Hills

Hieracium holosericeum in the Kyleakin Hills

and Lycopodium clavatum (Stag’s-horn Clubmoss) doing some strange things:

Curly Lycopodium clavatum

Curly Lycopodium clavatum


It was also a pleasure to find Epilobium anagallidifolium (Alpine Willowherb) from the 10km square NG72 where it had never been recorded before. It is not uncommon in northern Skye but the last record in the Kyleakin Hills was from Ben Aslak in NG71 in 1973.

During the day I reached the summits of Beinne na Greine (611m), Sgurr na Coinnich (739m) and Beinn Bhuidhe (488m).

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