Skye & Lochalsh

On Friday and Saturday we had an excursion to Skye to celebrate my better half’s retirement with dinner at Toravaig House Hotel.  Excellent food.  On our way we strayed out of my vice-county onto the mainland to visit Lochalsh Woodland Garden at Balmacara.  I was surprised to find many flowering spikes of Goodyera repens (Creeping Lady’s-tresses) under the pines.  This is a new 10 km square record for a Nationally Scarce plant in VC 105.  This plant is unknown in VC 104.
Goodyera repens at Balmacara

Goodyera repens at Balmacara

On Saturday we walked to Dalavil and on the way I spotted four plants of Hypericum humifusum (Trailing St John’s-wort). This is a site that has been known for some years but this is the first record on Skye since pre-2000, though there are recent records from Rum and Eigg. 

Hypericum humifusum on Skye

Hypericum humifusum on Skye

There will now be a break of about a week before the next blog entry.


3 Responses to “Skye & Lochalsh”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Dear Stephen

    I was interested to read of your discovery of creeping ladys tresses at Lochalsh woodland garden. I’ve never seen that species. I’ll be up that way on holiday in a couple of weeks. Will they still be flowering in mid-August do you think? Whereabouts in the gardens would be the best place to look?

    Many thanks for any tips

    Best wishes


    • Stephen Says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Go to the far end of the garden and look under the Scots Pines. However, it may be a bit late by then…… Stephen

  2. Stuart Says:

    Many thanks – I’ll give it a go!

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