Islands in Vice-county 104

 VC104 is officially the “North Ebudes” but I prefer to call it “Skye, Raasay and the Small Isles” because then people have some chance of knowing where it is.

Perusing Wikipedia last night, I assembled this list of island areas: 

Island Area (ha)  
Skye 165,600 86.15%
Rum 10,463 5.44%
Raasay 6,405 3.33%
Eigg 3,049 1.59%
Scalpay 2,483 1.29%
Canna 1,130 0.59%
Soay 1,036 0.54%
Rona 930 0.48%
Muck 559 0.29%
Sanday 184 0.10%
Wiay  144 0.07%
Pabay 122 0.06%
Isay 60 0.03%
Longay 50 0.03%
Total 192,215  100.00%

The BSBI list of vice-counties by area gives VC104 as 196,200 ha which is 2% more. I don’t believe that can be accounted for by the numerous small islands not listed above – anyway, these may be included in the Skye figure (as indeed may e.g. Wiay and Isay).  Not to worry.

This confirms my comment yesterday that Soay is bigger than Muck.  Indeed, Rona is bigger than Muck.

Scalpay is bigger than Canna, Soay, Rona or Muck.

Given my shorthand for the vice-county and taking Skye to include Soay, Wiay and Isay and taking Raasay to include Rona, Scalpay, Pabay and Longay (something of a liberty – better called the Eastern Isles) then the split is:

Greater Skye 166,840 86.80%
Small Isles 15,385 8.00%
Eastern Isles 9,990 5.20%
Total 192,215 100.00%

Just shows how much there is to do on Skye!

2 Responses to “Islands in Vice-county 104”

  1. Brian Says:

    Good post. Hope to see much more good posts in the near future.

    • Stephen Says:

      Thank you. I have been very busy on major works in my garden which I have nearly finished so I shall have time for botany again soon!

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