Canna was great.  Pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine and lots of plants that are unknown or rare on Skye and Raasay.  The worst moment was when I came over a small hill almost on top of a nest belonging to a pair of bonxies (more formally known as the Great Skua,  Stercorarius skua). There was a second nest not far away so I had four very angry birds determined to take the top of my head off.  However, here I am to tell the tale.

It will be a while before I have sorted out all the plant records but highlights included Anchusa arvensis (Bugloss), Erodium cicutarium (Common Stork’s-bill), Hypericum elodes (Marsh St John’s-wort), Ranunculus sceleratus (Celery-leaved Buttercup), Scilla verna (Spring Squill) and  a sand dune/machair area with all sorts of goodies like Elytrigia juncea (Sand Couch),  Carex arenaria (Sand Sedge), Ammophila arenaria (Marram), Arenaria serpyllifolia (Thyme-leaved Sandwort), Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. coccinea (the red form of Early Marsh-orchid) and  Thalictrum minus (Lesser Meadow-rue).  Depending on where you live, some of these may not sound very interesting but on Raasay there are no sand dunes or machair and on Skye there is only one small area at Glen Brittle.

I was able to re-find a previous record for Vicia orobus (Wood Bitter-vetch) and so was able to complete a Threatened Plants Project form.  However, I failed on the Dactlorhiza viridis (Frog orchid) front.

I shall probably add to this account in a while.  In the meantime here is a picture of Sanday from Canna with Rum in the background:


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