The next week

Tomorrow I go to Canna followed by Eigg (briefly) and Muck.  There are almost no post-Atlas 2000 records for Canna so I intend to fill this gap for the current date class (2000-2009).  Also I shall be recording by tetrad which has not been undertaken before on Canna. There are records of Dactylorhiza viridis (Frog Orchid) and Vicia orobus (Wood Bitter-vetch) which it would be nice to re-find for the Threatened Plants Project.

My visit to Eigg is principally to obtain further specimens of a sedge that caused some confusion last year.  It is probably Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge) growing in an unusual form – not in tussocks!  If I get time I shall try to find a previous record for D. viridis for the Threatened Plants Project.

On Muck, I hope to obtain records for NM37 for which I only have records for Isolepis cernua (Slender Club-rush) and Dactylorhiza pupurella (Northern Marsh-orchid).  It would also be nice to re-find records of D. viridis and V. orobus for the TPP.  Also, tetrad NM48F has very few records.

Wish me luck. I am taking a one-man tent.

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