Eigg with SWT

Yesterday, I went to Eigg with the Skye & Lochalsh branch of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. This meant two nights away on Skye as the ferry times mean that I could neither get to Armadale in time on Monday morning, nor get back on Monday night.

The group I was with spent the day in tetrad NM48X around Kildonan and we added Hypericum perforatum (Perforate St John’s-wort) and Veronica persica (Common Field-speedwell) to the Eigg list.  They were both present as weeds in a vegetable garden.  We also found Moehringia trinervia (Three-nerved Sandwort) which we did not see during our botanical blitz of Eigg last June, but for which there are older records.

Something like sixteen taxa were added to the 2008 records for NG48X including Atriplex laciniata (Frosted Orache), Cakile maritima (Sea Rocket), Persicaria amphibia (Amphibious Bistort) and Valerianella locusta (Common Cornsalad or Lamb’s Lettuce).

Young Atriplex lacianata on Eigg Photo: Roger Cottis

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