Rubha nam Brathairean

Brothers’ Point is the most easterly point of the Trotternish peninsula on Skye and where  dinosaur tracks were discovered a few years ago.  There is some doubt as to which brothers are the source of the name. The walk is short but with a dodgy knee it was a good place to go today for an early tetrad-bashing day.

Accompanied by skylarks and raucous seabirds I found my first orchid in flower this year – Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) in a sheltered cliff face.  There were lots of things in flower e.g. Sea Campion (Silene uniflora), lots of Juniper (Juniperis communis ssp nana) on the cliffs, and quite a few things it was posible to identify from young leaves plus last year’s dead inflorescence e.g. Distant Sedge (Carex distans)  and Crested Hair-grass (Koeleria macrantha).

I met a man at Culnacnoc who had worked on the extension to the Raasay cemetery a year or two ago.

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