Portree Horsetail

In my report on the second half of 2008 on my home page I mentioned a possible finding of  Equisetum x mildeanum, the hybrid between E. pratense (Shady Horsetail) and E. sylvaticum (Wood Horsetail).  Chris Page, the BSBI Equisetum referee had a look at a specimen but was not certain of its identity.  By the time I went back for a further specimen the area had been mown.  I promised to get some more early this year.

I have just been contacted by Marcus Lubienski of Hagen, Germany who had read my report and who has published widely on Equisetum. He is just finishing a paper about Equisetum hybrids in Europe, where he discusses his finding that E. x mildeanum is often mistaken for branched forms of E. pratense. He too would like some material. 

It would be nice to get this sorted out as E. x mildeanum would be new to the vice-county.

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