Threatened Plants Project

This year’s target species for the Threatened Plants Project survey are:

Carex ericetorum

Rare Spring-sedge

Cephalanthera longifolia

Narrow-leaved Helleborine

Coeloglossum viride

Frog Orchid

Dianthus deltoides

Maiden Pink

Fallopia dumetorum


Gnaphalium sylvaticum

Heath Cudweed

Groenlandia densa

Opposite-leaved Pondweed

Melampyrum cristatum

Crested Cow-wheat

Oenanthe fistulosa

Tubular Water-dropwort

Vicia orobus

Wood Bitter-vetch

Four of these are not known in the vice-county, and two (D. deltoides and G. densa) are known from single introductions, one in an area around a house that might generously be called a garden, the other in a hotel pond.

This leaves four:

Cephalanthera longifolia I have been to every known site in the vice-county over the past three years and have agreed with the organisers of the TPP that such records as I have from those visits will suffice. One old site has been lost and perhaps a second, but a new site has been added.

C. longifolia on Skye

C. longifolia on Skye


Coeloglossum viride will be fun since on Skye there is only one post-1999 record and only one grid reference that is better than four figures. It is also easily overlooked when dwarfed in coastal grassland.  There are reliable well-documented sites on Raasay and the Small Isles – but I do not want to spend valuable days returning to well surveyed sites if I can avoid it when there is so much to do in places that I have not yet reached.

The situation with Gnaphalium sylvaticum is a bit better than that for C. viride but shares some of the same issues.

Vicia orobus is better in that there are quite a few records with six-figure G/Rs in places that I have not been.  This is a plant of coastal cliffs in this part of the world.

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